Every new year brings fresh perspectives on the Calgary real estate market and for 2016 there is a lot of diverse opinion out there.

I’m always cautious about thinking too much in any one direction. The reality is the market is often more complex and sophisticated than what fits a black and white newspaper headline or a catchy t.v. soundbite.

I love sports as much as the next guy and it’s always fun to play armchair quarterback, even in real estate. But smart decisions are really about doing your own homework and getting good advice that you feel comfortable with.

That said, here are three tips, particularly for buyers, that I think are sound and safe for anyone in today’s marketplace:

  1. Take advantage of interest rates. We know they’re rock bottom historically right now and that makes financing a real estate investment that much more attractive. Tough to go wrong on rates today and we know this won’t last forever.
  2. Use a professional realtor to understand price points. There’s a lot of buzz about deals out there but to truly see any discount you need to do a proper price point comparison from the past several years.

Be active and understand what’s going on. I would never say, “now’s the time to get out there and buy.” In my opinion, the right mindset is “get out there and learn.” Working with a realtor and taking an active approach to view properties and get a real sense of things is always to your advantage. When you get closer to making decisions, you can do so with the peace of mind of really understanding the market and the opportunities available.