The Calgary real estate market today is the subject of a lot of coffee shop chatter and water cooler conversation. Is now the time to wait? Is now the time to make a move?

Here are three tips to consider:

  1. Get active. In my experience, the most important questions and answers all rest with the individual. But no matter what an individual’s situation (needs, priorities, etc.), one thing clear is the best way to arrive at answers is to become more active in checking out the market.
  1. Think fresh. Sitting on the sidelines and hearing news about the market is a lot different than getting out and developing a feel for the real estate landscape first hand. Media stories tend to paint a black and white picture, but the market is a lot more varied and dynamic than what is often portrayed.
  1. Use a professional realtor. “It doesn’t hurt to look” may be a worn out cliché but there is a lot of truth to this sentiment when it comes to real estate decisions. Sometimes when people let go of what they’ve heard, let go of the many excuses that stop them from looking, they are surprised to find great opportunities they would have otherwise missed. A realtor can serve as a tour guide to help keep the learning process focused and efficient.

Times of change are times of opportunity. There is never a bad time to learn more to support good decision-making. Why not get started today, by checking out some great listings like these?

Connecting and sharing. Have questions? Thoughts to share? Feel free to to contact me anytime. I always enjoy meeting new people and having conversations, whether there is a specific question I can help address or just a simple opportunity to chat on the market and provide some insights.

Everyone has their own unique situation and story. I look forward to hearing yours.