Welcome to The Brief

Real people, real stories.

This to me is what the world of real estate is all about.

We are flooded with numbers and analysis. Everyone has an opinion on the market and where it is headed. The media try, often in vain in my opinion, to capture the latest trends and signals in a big headline that grabs attention.

But the heart and soul of this business is the individuals who are out there every day trying to find the right fit for their own unique situation. Whether they are in the process of selling, looking to buy a new home or searching for an investment property.

We all have our own stories that shape our individual tastes and preferences. I have my own story too and I would like to share parts of that, as it unfolds week-to-week, in this new blog: The Brief.

A lot of my blog posts will focus on my professional life as a realtor, including thoughts and tips about the evolving opportunities and challenges presented by the marketplace. But I also want to share more about the things that to me really inject life and color into real estate. Great homes and properties are a big part. But it’s also about neighbourhoods, restaurants, family life, health and vitality, and so much more. It’s about enjoying this amazing city.

I invite you to check out The Brief regularly for fresh content every week. And I also welcome you to join the discussion anytime, by contacting me directly at 403-830-0331, or fill out the online form here. I will also link new items to my social media channels, to provide more options for sharing and interaction. Let’s get started . . .