The consensus among Calgary watchers is that the city is in a period of economic uncertainty.

Every week there are different stories on oil prices and related speculation on what this means for key metrics such as the real estate market.

But for those who have been around Calgary long enough – through different economic cycles, stages of maturity and levels of population growth – one thing that becomes clear is that the true nature of Calgary is best viewed from the big picture level.

Calgary remains a leading investment opportunity

Over the long-term this city has always forecasted as a leading investment opportunity. That hasn’t changed through challenging times such as 2008 or the current downturn.

In fact, for real estate investors there is a lot of silver lining to the current environment in Calgary compared to other world-class Canadian cities.

Take Toronto and Vancouver, for example, where affordability is a huge issue.

Calgary not only continues to develop as a maturing, cosmopolitan world centre with a very favorable long-term outlook, but among comparable cities it is also a friendly place to invest offering great value.

Unique blend of value and reliable long-term performance

Whether looking for a family home or a second property, all buyers are investors first.

For investors looking to capitalize on the unique offerings of a transition period – with current high value and reliable long-term potential – now is the time to do that in Calgary.

The city today is larger and more economically diverse than ever before. It has shown a built-in resiliency, based on the competitive spirit of Calgarians, to navigate changing times and come out ahead. And its long-term fundamentals remain strong.

All of this provides a buffer to the volatility of commodity markets, which sometimes clouds the short-term psychology of the market. Rising above that fog, it’s clear there’s a lot to be optimistic about for Calgary real estate.

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