The spring market for Calgary real estate is rapidly taking shape.

Fresh trends are lifting the veil on a number of hot neighbourhoods that represent the best investment value the city has to offer.

Two of the standout areas are Glamorgan and Altadore. These vibrant and colorful neighbourhoods represent a unique blend of inner city location, rich concentrations of amenities, shops and restaurants, and a diverse blend of residential options.

These are also areas where Sam Patel Real Estate is fortunate to have a strong presence including over 10 new listings active right now. (See these and other new options on our Featured Listings page).

It’s no surprise to see these areas were among the top picks identified in the latest issue of MoneySense magazine, focusing on “The Best Deals in Real Estate 2016.”

Glamorgan, topping the list for Calgary, is noted in the magazine as gaining lots of appeal in recent years: “While many neighbourhoods in the city have a cookie-cutter feel, Glamorgan boasts large bungalows on quiet curving streets.” Altadore is lauded as providing quick access to downtown, featuring a plethora of local shops and eateries, and rising in popularity among families looking for new inner city homes.

Both neighbourhoods are higher density areas boasting large lots ideal for new infills, while boasting a wide spectrum of options with truly something from everyone.

Check out the complete MoneySense feature on Calgary’s top neighbourhoods here.

Then make plans to venture out to see what’s new in these evolving communities.

It’s a great time of year to get out and explore the city.