Mid-summer in Calgary is a great time to showcase and celebrate the amazing diversity of outstanding neighbourhoods this city has to offer.

I always enjoy the annual “Calgary’s 50 Best Neighbourhoods” edition from Avenue Magazine, which comes out around this time. It provides an excellent platform to highlight many well established neighbourhoods as well as the impressive array of newer communities that have taken shape and are now hitting their stride.

Among the many interesting stories of Calgary’s ongoing renewal and development, one that stands out for me as deserving more attention is just how much the city’s suburbs have to appreciate and celebrate. Many feature “the best of both worlds,” combining urban living with a more relaxed pace, along with attractive amenities, greenspaces and recreation opportunities.

There are suburban locations and features to suit every budget and lifestyle, with a broad spectrum of neighbourhood options each with its own distinct community feel and character.

Now is an excellent time for choice in the market, with exceptional value properties like this one in Mahogany, this one in West Springs and this one in Cranston. (See new options regularly using the easy-navigation search tool at and by checking out my Featured Listings page.)

Calgary’s suburbs have more to offer than ever before. Here’s a snapshot of just a few advantages among many to consider:

Five top advantages of Calgary’s suburbs

1. Family and community environment. Everything from cost of living to proximity to new schools and recreation facilities is typically very family friendly in the suburban environment, which also contributes to a strong sense of community.

2. Urban oasis. Many of Calgary’s suburbs offer convenient access to enjoy many aspects of the city and urban living while also providing a peaceful and quieter reprieve from the hustle and bustle.

3. Leading neighbourhood concepts. There are a wide variety of neighbourhood concepts that make Calgary’s suburbs unique. There is truly something for everyone. A few examples include Scenic Acres, with its strong integration of parks and pathways, Aspen Woods / West Springs, Springbank Hill, and Signal Hill, with their distinct westside culture and rising local access to restaurants and shops, and Mahogany and Auburn Bay, with their cottage-by-the-lake lifestyle and unique architecture.

4. Access to nature and recreation. Whether you prefer a lake or golf community, something with quick access west to the mountains, or proximity to parks and trails, there is a lot of variety in Calgary to fit any lifestyle or preferences.

5. Bang for buck on homes. And of course, the suburbs typically offer bigger homes and bigger spaces for any budget level, including additional related perks such as lower property taxes.

Ultimately, whether your preferences trend more toward the inner city or more toward the suburbs, Calgary’s rich and diverse real estate market offers excellent choices. Check out more about Calgary’s neighbourhoods, along with many fun and interesting features of these communities, in the Avenue Magazine edition.

I also invite you to let me know what you think of the ‘Best Neighbourhoods’ results. While everyone has their own opinion and the results are subjective, the Avenue survey is a great way to fuel discussion and help celebrate what Calgary has to offer. I always enjoy talking about the strengths and advantages of the different communities and I am always happy to provide insights on the market and choices available today.