The dry media headlines on the market are just one part of the story.

Bubbling under the surface is an evolving new world of Calgary real estate that is vibrant and dynamic. People are thinking in new ways. Industry innovators are experimenting and pushing the leading-edge into new frontiers.

Here’s a look at two emerging trends among many that are bringing fresh excitement to #YYCre.

1. The designer builder. This unique concept fusing building expertise with high-end designer thinking is set to blaze a new trail across the landscape of Calgary real estate.

A leading example spearheading this concept is Beyond Homes, They’ve gained national attention (See Globe and Mail: “How a passionate builder is tackling Calgary’s housing sprawl”). They’ve gained local attention (See Avenue Magazine: “Beyond Homes duo talks work, design and style.”).

And they continue to push the bar higher. The best way to describe their work is “wow.” It’s not just next level. It’s on another planet.

A great recent example of their work is this unique 3 storey in Altadore here. Custom mesh wall design. Custom supernatural light fixture hovering amid two floors. These are just two imaginative and unique features in an otherworldly home packed with outstanding finishes.

2. The saavy move-up buyer. The opportunity to take advantage of amazingly low interest rates is well known. But an even more powerful incentive today is the unique move-up opportunity offered in today’s market – this factor is gaining recognition and is set to drive a wave of new activity for the market in 2016.

Worried about selling too low? For those who are moving up, the trade off actually works in their favor. What a seller may lose on the low side they make up far more as a buyer on the high side. It’s an chance to capture added value from “The new math” of Calgary real estate.” For saavy market-watchers considering a move-up, it’s a great time to make that move. Keep this in mind when considering fresh options like these.