These two innovative and expertly crafted homes in the Altadore neighbourhood of Calgary are featured in Arch Daily – the world’s most visited architecture website. Architects are Building Bloc Design in collaboration with Beyond Homes.

I have been fortunate to work with both of these talented Calgary-based companies, including handling sales for both of these homes. It’s no surprise to see their meticulous and inspiring work featured in such a prestigious and influential platform. Arch Daily receives millions of views each month and is designed to educate and inspire readers by showcasing a range of examples of the best in architecture and home design internationally.

Showcasing innovative local firms

Arch Daily is not just about focusing on the most well known projects, but also about sharing interesting local projects and featuring innovative local firms.

The home pictured on the left, a new active listing, is described by Arch Daily as “a simple and timeless house which pulls some inspiration from rustic 80s architecture.” The home on the right, now sold, “integrates seamlessly into the existing context of the street with its cedar-siding façade and unique and simple corrugated metal frame.”

Both are the result of a vision for “two stylistically harmonious homes featuring a blend of rustic and modern elements that represent Calgary as a contemporary and evolving city.”

Bringing the best of Calgary to the world

The homes are great places to live. They are also outstanding examples to showcase the best of original and creative Calgary home design. They remind me of the power of today’s exceptional homes to not only enhance neighbourhoods and cities but also to inspire and engage communities around the world, through the reach of innovative digital and social media.

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